Monday, November 3, 2014

Software Automation is a kind of scare thing for some tester/QA person. Because of lack of knowledge about testing technique and learning. Some one says that I don't know programming language so how can I do that. First of all I also think so. But be sure, it's not a very difficult thing. But it's sure that we have to learn.

Now I want to write some basic information about mobile application testing. Mobile application testing is a very common. But some times we don't manage Android, iphone, windows for real testing. So emulator is helping us to do that. Today I am going tell about an emulator. Which makes mobile testing is more easier. This emulator is "ripple emulator". It is google add ons. How to add "add ons" ripple just click following link-

Now steps to be followed-

1. Click above link
2. Now a new tab "Ripple Emulator (Beta)-...." form has opened
3. Then click "Added to Chrome" button from the right side of the form

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